Decision 3: Who do I want to advertise to?

In order to further allow you to ensure your advert is target at the correct audience, TV advertising uses the NRS social grade - a system of demographic classification.

The classifications are based on the occupation of the head of the household.

Grade Social class Chief income earner's occupation
A upper middle class Higher managerial, administrative or professional
B middle class Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
C1 lower middle class Supervisory or clerical and junior managerial, administrative or professional
C2 skilled working class Skilled manual workers
D working class Semi and unskilled manual workers
E non working Casual or lowest grade workers, pensioners, and others who depend on the welfare state for their income, this also includes students.

The grades are often grouped into ABC1 and C2DE and these are taken to equate to middle class and working class respectively. Only around 2% of the UK population is identified as upper class, and this group is not included in the classification scheme.

More specific targeting

For TV advertising purposes, these are often adapted to the following demographics:

  • Men 16-34
  • Men ABC1
  • Men C2DE
  • Men 55+
  • Women 16-34
  • Women ABC1
  • Women C2DE
  • Women 55+
  • Housewives with Children
  • Children
  • Boys & TV
  • Girls & TV

In TV advertising, we assume that certain demographics only watch TV at certain times. For example, we assume that Men ABC1s don't watch Daytime TV.

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