Media Buying

How much will advertising on T.V cost?

Airtime is sold by Sales Houses, some own their channels and some sell solely on behalf of the channel.

Savanna TV Ad - courtesy Bristol Film Studios

There are four main sales houses, ITV, Channel Four, Channel 5, Sky and Turner Media.

A full list of channels by sales house can be found by going to the Channels section of this website.

Most airtime is sold off a discount from ITV’s rate card (an example can be seen and downloaded here). ITV produce a new rate card every Tuesday, this is based on media sold against the AB deadline and “late money”.

This then populates against a yield and either inflates or deflates their CPT. Sales houses then look at their share of the market (also known as spend) and offer a discount accordingly.

When you are provided with your Client planning sheet the cost associated will be based on a “planning rate”, when we go to the broadcasters with our order we go into negation based on booking deadlines and share.

Money = TVRs x cpt x universe / 100,000

To buy 100 TVR’s with a CPT of £5.00 with a universe of 49m, It will cost you £245,000*

If an average spot delivered a rating of .6 TVR’s, you would divide your total TVR’s by .6 that would give you 166 spots.

As spot ratings are not guaranteed campaigns can not be sold on a guaranteed spot basis.

You then have to take into account Time Length Factors

If you are buying different time lengths, you will need to apply a factor. Time length factors are as follows:

60”2 xa 30” spot
50”1.67a 30” spot
40”1.33a 30” spot
30”1.0a 30” spot
20”0.8a 30” spot (some broadcasters are 0.85)
10”0.5a 30” spot

Please click here to go to our Campaign planner, please note this is for demonstration purpose only and does not form any media contract.

*This is based on a 30” advert

When all of this has taken place the client will be supplied with a T.V Schedule.

The schedule will give details of Channel, Programme and Time. Spots do shift on schedules so the first schedule you receive will get updated as the campaign goes on.

When the campaign has come to the end - approximately 10-14 days after you will receive a reconciled schedule confirming all spots against TVR’s.