Media Planning

Why should you use an advertising agency to plan your media?

Planning TV Media can be quite a complex process.

Centurion DIY Conservatories TV Ad -

TV airtime is sold as TVR’s (Television Rating’s), 1 TVR is 1 percent of the audience universe, the universe is the amount of people available to target, against this you pay a CPT (Cost Per Thousand).

You need to think of T.V being about smoke and mirrors and that it is run by an old boys club.

The complex way in which you buy T.V airtime is like no other media, to the point that if you phone Channel 4 directly they will ask if you have an ad agency, if the answer is no they will supply you with some agencies details.

Why is this? Because they know that agencies understand the process inside and out and that they can manage the clients expectations.

HG Mould Spray TV Ad - production

Initially the media plan will be based on the T.V brief.

But will rest on five important questions:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • And Why?

Research will be carried out looking at target demographic, KPI’s, CPA’s and any ROI’s required. We will also look at competitors spend analysis (including any case studies available) and airtime buying patterns, where available.

Once all of this data has been collated we look at the options available to us for example:

Is it going to be a DRTV or an All Time Campaign?

Are we looking at a National, Regional or a Digital campaign?

What is going to be the best way of buying the airtime, Long Term or Short Term?

Do we need to target specific programming or a genre?

Can we buy it against All Adults or do we have to pay a premium for a target audience?

And much, much more.

We can then provide you with a client sheet, this sheet will show you the channels selected, the buying audience we have chosen and the estimated number of impacts and TVR’s.

You can see and download a full list of acronyms used in T.V advertising with an explanation of each here.

Once the media plan is agreed, the media buyer books the campaign and monitors its progress to ensure that it is delivered on time and within budget.