Scripting and Story Boarding

Karcher TV Commercial - production and media buying

The script is where the ideas first get onto the page (download an example here). It gives you an audio and visual idea of the creative and is put together directly from the brief.

This is where "The Big Idea" and the ABC's mould together.

Good TV adverts attract Attention (A) are about the Brand (B), Communicate the brand's story (C) and Stick in people's minds (S)

This is a good opportunity to re-asses that the creative route matches the requirements of the campaign.

It is at this point that we like to get the script(s) into Clearcast (please visit ‘Clearcast’ under ‘Getting on TV’ for further information), this way they can start the clearance process and feed back to us.

Once the script is pretty much there we will produce a Storyboard so that you can visually see how your T.V advert is going to come to life (download an example here).

Final amendments are made and we are ready to go into Production.